Unleashing Potential, Improving Lives
Dog Achievements

Paws for Progress provide the rescue dogs with: one-to-one attention, stimulation, affection, companionship and additional opportunities for the dogs to spend time outside of the kennel.

Due to the opportunities provided by Paws for Progress, the dogs are able to develop a range of valuable skills that improve their chances of being successfully rehomed, including:

  • Self-control
  • Calmly interacting with both humans and other dogs.
  • Training skills, including walking on a leash, recall, crate training, settle down and trick training
  • Developing skills crucial to building relationships, including: trust, confidence, social skills and playing.


The dogs work towards the APDT Good Companion Awards with the students working hard under the guidance of our staff to ensure the dogs’ continuously progress. The dogs’ improved behaviour and sociability also increases their appeal to adopters, and the extra promotion the students’ work provides can help these great dogs find the loving homes they deserve.

Although the students are sad to say goodbye to the dogs when they do find new homes, the course has been designed in such a way that the successful rehoming of a dog is seen very much as an achievement for the handler, something to be proud of. This helps the students feel better and have more confidence that they can help the next dog to need their support.

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