Unleashing Potential, Improving Lives

Improving young people’s mental health through engaging with dogs. Building resilience, skills, and preparing them for a better future.

We provide a range of services for teens and young adults, in secondary schools and other community based settings, and will bring our dogs and service to you across Central Scotland.

At Paws for Progress we are committed to helping dogs and people improve each other’s lives.

 We provide a series of inspiring personal development programmes for young people in the community, with a twist – all of their learning  is focused around dogs! This will help young people who struggle in traditional education settings to be inspired and to succeed.

“You have taught me how much a dog can change your life. You have changed mine.”

“Thank you for all your help with the tasks I have gained certificates for and everything you have taught me… Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

“Paws for Progress, they help dogs and they help you too. Working with Paws for Progress has taught me so much, not only about dogs but about myself and what I’m capable of.”

To find out more about our services and register your interest, please drop us an email at info@pawsforprogress.co.uk

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